As of April 12, Alberta Health has confirmed 82 new cases in Alberta.

There has been 6 new cases in the North Zone in the last 48 hours.

There are 103 cases in the North Zone, 1651 cases in Alberta, and 44 deaths in Alberta (7 in Edmonton zone, 30 in Calgary Zone, 6 in North Zone, 1 in the Central Zone). Of the 1500 cases, 18 are in ICU (Intensive Care).

Over the Easter weekend, 3 more cases and 2 deaths have been reported in the MD of Smoky River, 2 more cases have been reported in Big Lakes County, and 1 more case has been reported in the Municipality of Jasper.

Alberta Health updated their reporting areas for the Alberta and the North Zone. Regions are defined by rural municipalities, city boundaries, and urban service areas. Smaller regions (i.e. towns, villages, and reserves) are incorporated into the corresponding rural area. Cases without a postal code or incorrect postal codes are not included. Local geographic area information missing for: 0 case(s). Numbers will adjust as addresses are confirmed.

Within the 1651 cases in Alberta, 823 are recovered. For the first time, there are more recovered cases in Alberta then there are active cases.

Canada has 24,383 confirmed cases. There have been 717 deaths recorded.
There have been 7172 recovered cases in Canada.

The USA has 525,704 confirmed cases. There are 20,486 deaths recorded.

There are 1,773,088 worldwide. There are 111,652 deaths recorded worldwide.

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