Chris Clegg

South Peace News

A potentially dangerous theft has High Prairie town council asking for the public’s help.

CAO Rod Risling says three manhole covers were stolen the weekend of Sept. 11-12.

“Very dangerous,” he told council at its Sept. 14 meeting.

The bizarre thefts involved three stolen manhole covers, including two at one location near 4924-56 Avenue.

“Really, really concerning,” says Risling.

“Safety is the primary concern, safety is the issue.

“[The thefts] were reported to RCMP and they are investigating,” he adds.

As well, the Town is asking for the public’s help.

“We’re really hoping somebody saw something,” he says.

Risling estimates the cost to replace each manhole is $350 but was unsure of the cost of the signs.

Councilllor Brian Gilroy expressed disgust not only over the theft but the fact there was a post on social media trivializing the theft.

Should someone drive into a hole caused by the removal of a manhole, significant damage to the vehicle could result and potential injury to the driver and/or passengers.

Risling adds five stop signs were vandalized by spray-painting. The culprit[s] removed the “T” while committing the crime.